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classes at yogayoga
provide you with a varied and balanced yoga practice, develop body awareness, core strength and flexibility
elements such as breathing, relaxation, grounding and postural alignment, are also taught through yoga postures
Sandra & Leo's extensive yoga & anatomy knowledge provides an uncompromised level of safety in each class

class levels
1 beginner
2 intermediate
3 advanced
All levels: open for all - classes are adapted to the level of the group

class description

yoga level 1-2
every class is based on an accessible theme to more easily understand the most vital yoga principles
learn the most important skills that relate to any yoga practice and that will help you in everyday life
we’ll help guide you through this process, and get the most out of these classes, with weekly yoga tips

yogayoga weekly yoga tips

yoga level 2-3
find out how to evolve your yoga practice & your understanding of yoga postures and breath
explore the keys to the depth of any yoga practice, enabling you to access its full benefits and meaning
when you think you know the form, its time to go deeper, these classes put the meat on the bones

yoga all levels
find out how to activate core support in a yoga practice you can take off the mat
discover how you can build your core in everyday activities - to find ease in your breath & get support for meeting life's challenges

slow flow (Vinyasa) level 2
a wide variety of yoga postures are joined in an ongoing series, like Sun Salutations
focuses on the continuity of awareness, bringing breath and movement together, leaving you energized yet relaxed
movements are slow & mindful, so although it can be a dynamic practice there is an emphasis on safety