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Sandra Kirchner and Leo Peppas have over forty years yoga teaching experience between them. They are both qualified Yoga teachers. Having originally studied the Iyengar Yoga method, they have over the years integrated an understanding of body awareness and movement principles into their teaching and developed a comprehensive approach of their own.
Their belief that yoga can present a clear link to the path of self discovery and provide support in everyday life is core to their teaching method. Sandra and Leo have both worked with and drawn inspiration from Donna Farhi and teach a form of yoga that seeks to return to the original spirit of yoga.

“Leo and Sandra offer a depth and breadth of experience rare in Yoga teachers today. Their commitment to honoring the spirit of Yoga while integrating contemporary knowledge in the field of somatics makes for potent instruction. Yoga students interested in engaging in authentic practice and study have a precious opportunity in these two gifted teachers.
-Donna Farhi, author of “Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit” and “Bringing Yoga to Life.”

Leo is a qualified movement therapist (Body Mind Centering based) and Psychosynthesis therapist. Sandra graduated as a dancer / choreographer from the State Academy for Arts in Amsterdam, where she has taught yoga for dancers. They are both currently studying Rolfing Movement with Hubert Godard.


yogayoga yoga teacher Ludmila BaarsLudmila Baars was born and brought up in Slovakia, living now for 23 years with her Dutch husband in the Netherlands. She is an economist by profession, environmentalist and yoga teacher by heart. Ludmila completed her three years of Yoga Teachers Training at the Amsterdam Yoga Centre in 2009. Inspired by the teaching method at yogayoga, she then took part in Leo’s Somatic Yoga Training lasting a further two years. She also has studied with various international teachers including Donna Farhi. Since 2010 Ludmila has taught classes at yogayoga.

yogayoga yoga teacher Vicky LoeberVicky Loeber is yoga teacher, specializing in pregnancy yoga since 2008. Trained as shiatsu therapist, she participated in various yoga teacher trainings such as Birthlight with Francoise Freedman and most recently yogayoga’s Somatic Yoga Training with Leo Peppas. Other sources of inspiration are international yoga teachers such as Donna Farhi. Currently Vicky works at Youth Welfare Services and studies psychology.

yogayoga yoga teacher Viktoria KocsisViktoria Kocsis is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. For the last nine years she has been studying yoga with Sandra and Leo and has been teaching at yogayoga for seven years.
She practiced Hatha Yoga and contemporary dance in Hungary, as well as a combined style of yoga and dance. Viktoria is originally an economist and has nine years teaching experience in other fields.