:: yoga in Amsterdam
props & books
We sell a small selection of props and books which you can buy in the studio. We are open 15 minutes before or after (and between) class times, check the schedule before coming.

Yoga mat black durable and comfortable
as used in the studio

€ 65

Yoga mat eco-tex and machine washable

several colours - out

Yoga mat bag urban style

practical, fits all mats - out

Belt natural white cotton
4 cm wide for comfort
€ 13
Eyebag pure silk, filled with organic linseed
soft & light with a pleasant natural scent - out
Blocks cork, per pair
also sold singly
€ 32
Neti pot instructions included
cleans the nose and sinus cavities
€ 10
Blanket pure cotton, made in India
perfect thickness and steadiness for yoga
€ 26
Bolster kapok filling, to our specifications
long and supportive
€ 64
Stillpointer (or 'Becalm') Balls
to soothe and reset your Nervous System - out
'Gertie' Ball
a small, soft & squishy ball, usefull for making fine spinal adjustments and enhancing deep relaxation
€ 9
Birth Ball
large, inflatable ball, made from 'softfoam', to provide support during labour - out

Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit Donna Fahri € 26
Ideal accompaniment to our Basics class and beyond
The Breathing Book Donna Fahri € 24
Ideal accompaniment to our Basics class and beyond
Teaching Yoga Donna Fahri € 21
Exploring the teacher-student relationship
Bringing Yoga to Life Donna Fahri € 16
The everyday practice of enlightened living
Wisdom of the Body Moving Linda Hartley € 27
An introduction to Body-Mind Centering
How Life Moves Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank € 28
Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness
Iyengar Yoga for Beginners B.K.S. Iyengar
Supports home practice with easy to follow classes - out
Preparing for Birth with Yoga Janet Balaskas
Appropriate, easy to follow yoga, informative and inspiring - out
Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Francoise Freedman € 22
Large variety of yoga postures, incl. postnatal yoga

We have a wider range of books for sale at the studio.