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Postnatal yoga is appropriate for women starting from 6 weeks up to 1 year after giving birth, or even longer if their bodies have not fully recovered. Postnatal yoga takes place on Tuesday or Thursday evening at 20.00-21.30. The next course starts on:

Tuesday 2 September

The course consists of 10 classes within 10 weeks. If you miss one of another class, you can arrange to catch up in a regular yoga class within the period of the course and up to a maximum of two weeks after the course is complete.

Sandra’s postnatal yoga class are both active and gentle. This course specifically focuses on:

  • exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, abdominals and back
  • a step by step build up of whole body condition and steadiness
  • yoga postures specifically aimed at the upper back, shoulders and neck, to counterbalance the additional strain that comes with lifting, carrying and breastfeeding.
  • deep relaxation and restorative postures. These postures can be helpful with shortage of sleep, they bring energy back
  • taking time and care for yourself

In this way after pregnancy the body can renieuw it's balance.

Under teachers and pregnancy yoga you can find more information about Sandra's background.

The group is taught in English and / or Dutch.


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